Kmart Gets Bullied By ‘One Million Moms’ Coalition, NMR Bullies ‘Em Right Back [VIDEO]

Ahh, first viral controversy of the holiday season …

Kmart’s new ad in which boxer-clad men sound out “Jingle Bells” with their “jingle balls” has pissed off the mom coalition something fierce. The coalition, called “One Million Moms,” protests anything that they think is detrimental to their “precious angels.” But here’s the deal, moms: it’s Kmart — this is all they’ve got left in the tank. Hell, I’m surprised they haven’t resorted to actually using the “Ship My Knickers” video as an actual ad. They’re a turd circling the drain — for you to hassle them … it’s like denying a dying man a drink of water. Next you’ll be picking on Sizzler or Myspace. Apparently there’s a million of you (somehow I doubt you have anywhere near that number, but I’ll go along with it). Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size instead of bullying the little guy for trying to be different and fun? How would you like it if someone made fun of your jeans? Or your crappy “mom jewelry” made from dry macaroni noodles? Not so pleasant, is it? Also, f**k your minivan.

Here’s an article about terrible mothers doing terrible things, Grinches:

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