Minecraft Documentary from Kickstarter Now Available For Free On YouTube [VIDEO]

It’s good to see some Kickstarter goals live up to their expectations …

Successfully funded on March 25, 2011, “Minecraft: The Story of Mojang,” a documentary about the first year of indie game phenomenon Minecraft, is now available for free on YouTube.

Created by 2 Player Productions who achieved $210,297 funding on an $150,000 goal, the documentary gives an inside perspective on this whole strange world as it grows and develops before our eyes, including the offshoots, fans and adherents like The Yogscast and Seananners who earn a living off playing Minecraft. Following Mojang, the Swedish company who created the fandemic, 2 Player Productions managed to hit Minecraft early enough that nothing was sacred or off-limits in the production. It is like watching the early days of Microsoft or Apple, young people with a dream doing their thing and watching it blossom into something beyond that.


A documentary like this is great because it was developed with the Minecraft fanatic in mind, but it also educates someone like me who knew absolutely nothing about Minecraft (despite having gotten to wield the Minecraft sword on the “Man at Arms” show). I stay away from video games because I would become junkie hooked on them and start blowing people for game access (yeah, it’s not pretty). But now I at least know what the Minecraft world is all about and seeing how it is comprised mainly of fat middle-aged white guys and children, I definitely have more incentive to stay the hell away. I will admit it does look engaging though … it’s the sort of thing that I could maybe do on the weekends … I bet I could maybe try it just once and be fine … Goddamn, I wish I was playing it right now … (Jeff swats at a creeper he swears is coming up on him).


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