Mondo Media and Friends Are Taking Pitches For New Shows, Canadian-Style [DETAILS INSIDE]

Calling all animators, writers, dreamers and lovers of Canada …

For years, Canadians, from the likes of Mike Myers, Pam Anderson, Jim Carrey, Celine Dion, Seth Rogen and Ryan Reynolds have been popping down from the Great White North to entertain the likes of us U.S.-born rubes. And all we’ve given them are 0 Stanley Cups in the last 20 years (suck it, Canucks) and the dubious nickname “America’s Hat.”


Well now is our chance to promote a little brotherly love animation-style to those moose-riding friendlies above us. Blue Ant Media, owners of Bite TV and Mondo Media (home of “Happy Tree Friends” and “Dick Figures” amongst others), have just announced a Canadian-minded expansion program called Bite on Mondo that aims to push their focus to the hosers in the North, eh.

So, as Bite on Mondo tells it, they’re accepting pitches from college kids, professional writers, comedians, indie production houses and assholes who work for new media magazines (I added that last one). They’re looking for animated shorts aimed at the youth/young adult market and they’ve got space for 30 pilots (show, not fighter or airline). So apply now at if you think you’ve got the grapes to make the Mounties laugh.

If your pitch gets accepted, Bite on Mondo, which is throwing $3 million U.S. at the project, will fund the creation of your pilot. From there, the pilots will run on YouTube and the most popular ones will be picked up for a series. John Evershed, CEO of Mondo Media (and not nearly the cocaine enthusiast that I am — he had to listen to my tirade at a “Dick Figures” screening) said of the collab: “We’ve already sourced several great shows from Canada like Gundarr from Corey McDaniel and Ted Wilson in Vancouver and Newshit from Nick denBoer (best known for his hilarious work on Conan) in Toronto. I’m really excited to see what kinds of strange, laugh out loud shows emerge from this project.”


So for all that time you’ve been doodling out erotically-charged web-comics about fur trappers and lumberjacks instead of getting a real job — now might just be your chance to show your mom that you are worth a damn. Make her proud she didn’t get you scraped out all those years ago …

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