New ‘Mannequin Depressed’ Blog is Best New Tumblr Created Within the Last Two Days

Mannequins: creepy … unless you’re talking about the 1987 movie “Mannequin” starring Andrew McCarthy falling in love with a mannequin Kim Cattrall, which is fugged up and weird and creepy.


A new Tumblr started just yesterday called “Mannequin Depressed” brings mannequins to life by revealing their depressing, yet hilarious, inner thoughts as they pose in the storefront windows of shops that most likely have that distinct “worn clothing” smell that just makes your nasal passages feel dusty yet damp at the same time.

Mannequin Depressed is attributed to a mysterious “Andrew Farmer,” who has a knack for understanding the inner psychology of frozen statue people, and was singled out as a new favorite Tumblr by NYmag, whose recent article dissuaded me from buying a set of diamond grills to wear around the NMR office to win the love and attention of NMR pretty boy Benny Luo’s heart (and by “office,” I mean “random parking lot I find myself pacing around”). #editordepressed

Check out some of Mannequin Depressed’s entries below: