No Apology Wanted: ‘Man Microwaving Cat’ Video Is Offensive and Brutal [WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT]

Okay, so there is a new worst person in the world today. Sure to make you angry (and possibly ill), this man, Hassan Hammoud, microwaves his cat for laughs. He then posted the video to his Lebanese Facebook account only to later pull it once the outrage sparked off. The video, which is tough to watch, shows Hammoud putting the cat into the microwave and turning it on. After a few seconds, he removes the still-living cat and laughs. He then puts the cat back in the microwave — but it desperately tries to escape, demonstrating it knows exactly what went on. Hammoud, incredibly then turns the microwave on again, letting the cat cook a few seconds more before finally freeing it.

Alive at the completion of the video, the cat is said to have suffered minor burns. Hammoud has since posted an apology video to his account showing him affectionately playing with the cat, but the reality is this man should have no business ever going near an animal again. This is very much the sort of action that reveals a darkly sociopathic bent in a person — the sort of aberrant curiosity commonly found in serial killers. Something tells me we need to keep a close eye on this idiot.

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