Not on Streaming? Find More Unavailable Movies In the ‘Secret World’ of Netflix [TUTORIAL]

Like In N’ Out Burger has a secret menu for all us West Coasters, Netflix too has a “secret world” — and it’s ridiculously easy to access. See, what Netflix doesn’t want you to know (or, more likely, what they don’t care if you know) is that the shows and videos that are available on Netflix vary from region to region. Shows that are available here in the U.S., aren’t available elsewhere in the world — just as shows and movies that normally aren’t available in the U.S. are available elsewhere. Want to see “King of the Hill”? How about David Fincher’s “The Game”? Or maybe you wanna see Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan naked as jaybirds in “Shame”? Well, you won’t find them in the U.S. unless you’ve got access to Chrome or Firefox on your browser. And a Netflix account.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 8.38.28 PM

If you answered yes to both of those, head on over to, a site devoted to letting you explore Netflix (and the rest of the web) from different regions. Download their free icon and once you’re signed into your Netflix streaming account, click the Hola icon to change your region to the United Kingdom … or Australia … or Japan … go nuts, kid. And just like that, presto chango: a whole new world of previously unavailable movies has been opened up for your streaming pleasure.

Don’t say NMR never did anything for you.

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