Ooh, I Want A Pair: 10 of the Best Google Glass Videos On YouTube [VIDEOS]

It’s like my Grandpappy always used to say: “First the eyeglass industry, then the world.” Of course he had the Alzheimer’s pretty bad by that point, but I guess Google didn’t know that. Releasing the news today that they are intent on putting prescription lenses into Google Glass, the search engine company now has more brands than an auction house bull (my original comment was waaaaaaay too racist, so this one will have to do).

Via the Wall Street Journal (known in cooler circles as the WSJ), VSP Global — a nationwide vision benefits provider that also makes frames and lenses — is talking with Google about making more fashionable frames for the device, developing special prescription lenses to use with Glass and training optometrists to fit the device for customers, VSP Chief Executive Rob Lynch said.

And since we at NMR only like to report news when it has a cooler slant to it, we thought we’d post the 10 coolest YouTuber-made Google Glass videos, which is apparently the latest of YouTube trends (sadly for sanction issues, that James Deen one isn’t one of them). But here are the 10 that made the cut:

10. Shaytards

9. Chris Pirillo

8. The Verge

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