Redditors Get ‘Pissed’ About YouTube/Google+ Integration — Like It Matters

We as a society need to come up with a term for the inevitable fake outrage that accompanies every change and program format differentiation these days. It’s that sort of dialed-in Berkeley-esque response whenever something appears to contradict our immediate mood. In this digital age, whenever something begins programming differently than to the style with which we’ve become accustomed, we flood message boards with declarations of just how “ticked off” we really are. But because many of us grew up in the 80s and 90s with our helicopter parents, we never learned that next step: Revolution. We all learned to complain — and that’s the extent of it. Our parents always just took care of the rest.


And so that is why we need this new term … because I turned on my computer and laughed at the “news story” about how Reddit stormed a Google products message board and left roughly 429,000 angry comments, re: their dislike of the integration between YouTube and Google+. Also,’s number one trending petition right now is a demand to go back to the old system, with posted comments like:

“They have completely RUINED a great thing. Comments were the number one reason why I checked my YouTube account daily. Now that desire is gone.”

After I was done laughing, I realized I lacked a good method of describing the ennui that follows after the initial threat these days. Like “Occupy Wall Street,” we come on like a storm, cussing and frothing. And then someone tells us to quit our b*tching and we do. Of course, we then become passive aggressive about it and resort to making angry anonymous posts about it on sites like YouTube — which we can apparently no longer do.

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 12.03.53 PM

I’ve come up with the term “perishable outrage.” It will do for now. The best thing is, even if people don’t like that term, I know they’ll piss and moan, but in the end they won’t actually do anything at all. I bet Google knows this too.

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