‘Shaytards in a Shooting’: Shay Carl and Family Are Involved in a Crime Scene [VIDEO]

A nice Saturday night outing for the Butler family was interrupted by that old Los Angeles nuisance: crime. Or more specifically, a shooting. In the video uploaded to his account today, Shay Carl and family are enjoying a delicious meal at Islands (I hate Islands — they used to make you pay extra for fries … how tacky is that?), followed by a movie. One of the daughters is handling filming duties and everything seems just ducky.

And then, at the 5:00 minute mark, the camera clicks on to record footage of the family leaving a parking garage in a hurry — a shooting occurred while they were in the theater and the scene was cleared. Exiting, they have to pass by armed police as well as emergency personnel, and according to Venice 311, a crime blog Shay follows on Twitter, the police are looking for an armed man wearing a USC hoodie — and then as they exit, they pass a dude wearing a USC hoody. Kids in the car or no kids, that’s pretty freaky. Tragically, because this is Los Angeles and no one actually died in the shooting, there doesn’t seem to be any news stories about the event. At the end of the video though, Shay Carl and family debate whether or not to move back to Idaho — a consensus is never reached, but if anyone’s asking, I’m voting that WE ALL move back to Idaho.

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What’s really delightful is the moment when, while driving, Shay Carl hands his video camera off to his wife so he can concentrate on buckling up before he interacts with the police. Safety is a full time job, Shay, don’t make it a part time practice. Click it or ticket. And that goes for everyone: you’re never too cool to buckle up.

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