‘Snow White’ Director Turns To Maker Gaming Channel Polaris To Tell Gritty Super Mario Tales [VIDEO]


Hollywood’s top dogs have long existed on a policy of “One for them, one for me,” meaning they would make a big budget studio picture to pay the bills for every small indie project they made. But what happens when your indie project is a little too avant garde? The answer seems to be YouTube. More and more high profile talent are embracing the medium, with the latest being Evan Daugherty, director of 2012’s “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Daugherty’s project tells the live action tales of the brothers Mario from the popular Nintendo game series in four separate stories, with each video featuring one of the playable characters from “Super Mario Bros. 2.” And what better place to debut a story about gaming’s most popular protagonists than on Polaris, the No. 1 gaming channel on YouTube?

The videos, which are being released in segments starting today, tell gritty versions of adventures from the Mushroom Kingdom. Today’s adventures, featuring Mario and Luigi respectively are called “The Fixer” and “The Addict,” while tomorrow we get “The Soldier” (Toad) and “The Star” (Princess Peach).

“Making these short films gave me a chance to really ‘do my own thing,’ while having a little fun treating one of my favorite video game properties with a darker vibe,” said Daugherty. “I had been kicking around the idea for years before I was even working in the industry, so to finally be able to share these films with fans on Polaris is a very exciting thing.”

Known collectively as “The Four Players,” the videos will and do reward fans from all walks of gaming. As Dar Northcraft, Vice President and General Manager of Polaris puts it, “There are tons of Easter eggs that reward you every time you re-watch these imaginative videos.”

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