Stranger Danger! Jack Vale Uses Facebook Stalking ‘Experiment’ To Creep People Out [VIDEO]

Ahh Jack Vale, you wily b**tard.

Utilizing his capacity to f**k with people wonderfully, Vale is back on the prowl, uploading a new video where he uses our social media alerts against us. Hunting down people who revealed their destinations on social media, he proceeds to fool the people into thinking he’s some sort of freaky medium by revealing details about them a stranger shouldn’t know.

Of course in the process, Vale teaches us all a valuable lesson about the dangers of announcing our plans on social media. Little do burglars know though, I post fake vacation plans on Facebook so that they will break in when I am home and I can murder them legally. Hmm, probably shouldn’t boast about that in print …

Here’s more of Jack Vale at his best:

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