Taryn Southern Takes You Into YouTubers’ Houses ‘Cribs’-Style with New Look TV Shows [INTERVIEW]

Ever wondered what it was like to be in your favorite YouTuber’s house? Have you been stalking that YouTuber and secretly mapping out a plan to break in and hide in their closet for the right moment to profess your love of their work, Kathy-Bates-in-“Misery”-style? Don’t worry, because you’re not alone (have you seen the people who attend Vidcon?) — also, Taryn Southern is here to do the dirty work for you, minus the stalking and leg breaking.

Multi-talent and NMR bestie Taryn Southern is launching two new shows on the Look TV YouTube channel: “My Domain,” which premiered today, and “In the Closet,” which premieres on Nov. 14.  The first is like MTV’s “Cribs,” except inside your favorite YouTubers’ living places and with Southern doing the investigative work of digging around in their fridges and basement sex dungeons (Where else do YouTubers hold their ritual sex parties? Duh.). The second show, “In the Closet,” has Southern going into YouTubers’ closets and then testing them on their knowledge of their own clothes by making them race to dress for different scenarios (example: “You have one minute to dress for the YouTube ritual sex party tonight – go!”).

Taryn talked to me about her two new shows, so scrap your YouTuber stalking to-do list and peep our conversation below:

How did you develop the show? Was it as simple as going, “Hey, let’s do ‘Cribs,’ except with YouTubers”?

Taryn Southern: I loved watching “Cribs” as a kid; it was just always interesting to me to see how celebrities lived. I thought, “Why not make a show like this for YouTubers?” Their homes aren’t just their homes, but also their production facilities — so there are a lot of stories in each place to be told. I pitched Bedrocket the idea and they were super into it! 

Are these YouTubers being featured really giving you unfettered access to their places, as they were? You know they must be doing some serious Olivia Pope-style “cleaning” beforehand …

The first season all features YouTubers who are my friends in real life, so everyone was pretty comfortable just letting me in and showing me everything, no holds barred. I took no prisoners — I laid in their beds, scoured their fridges and even looked through their trash. 

As for their places, I think you really see how everyone lives day to day. Brittani by nature is incredibly organized and clean, but then you go to DeStorm’s living room, and it’s like one giant chaotic set. His walls had all sorts of construction paper all over them; couches were in places that couches should probably never be. It was hilarious.  

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