The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Pros and Cons of the New YouTube Comment System


Okay, so you’re not in love with the new YouTube comment system so far — or, at the very least, you haven’t heard much good about it. And in this digital Wild West, it’s easy to get swayed by the gossip. A lot of people have jumped on the hate bandwagon without really taking an informed look at just what the heck is going on over there at YouTube. But before you go off carping about the functionality of Google+, remember that the tech staff at Google has been working on updating the comment system for over a year — so there’s probably some good, intelligent research that’s gone into this whole thing.

Now don’t call us at NMR “homers” just yet — we’re still up in the air about the whole thing, but at least we’re keeping an open mind. So join with us in looking at some of the pros and cons of the new YouTube comments section.


PRO: Smarter comments from people who can really help your channel.

– It’s easier to sort good advice from bad advice when you know just who is giving you that advice.

CON: People who can help your channel will be less inclined to do so if they have to attach their real name to every comment they make.

– Sometimes anonymity is the best policy.

PRO: The trolls are going to be less prevalent.

– There are some annoying, awful people out there who just want to watch the world burn.

CON: The trolls are going to be less prevalent.

– There are some hilarious, awful people out there who just want to watch the world burn.

CON: You’re automatically subscribed to receive ads and newsletters.

– Oh great, I really want you to push more content I don’t care about on me.

PRO: You can opt out of this on your settings page.

– Well, alright then … I suppose I can live with that.


PRO: You likely already made a Google+ account when Google merged the two platforms earlier this year.

– The hard part is out of the way, now it’s just a matter of controlling who you let into your circles.

CON: I don’t need to be told what programs to use and not use.

– Monopolies spring out of requirements exactly like this one. It’s a shame to lose fair and competitive free enterprise in an already dwindling marketplace.

PRO: Google+ really is a handy social media tool for those of you who know how to use it.

– Google has a stellar track record when it comes to creating innovative and free programs
(Google Drive anyone?).

CON: Who the hell cares about learning how to use it?

– I’ve got a ton of social media programs I’m already emotionally invested in and am proficient with. Easy or not, you haven’t given me a compelling reason to WANT to switch.

PRO: The old comments are still attached to the videos.

– Google is still uncertain what they want to do with this wealth of insightful commentary.

CON: You can’t do anything with them.

– What good are a lump of comments reading “Tits or GTFO”?

CON: If someone really wants to, they’re going to find a way to anonymously troll you.

– How hard is it to make a fake Google+ account or a new YouTube channel?

Hmm, well, that’s not good … okay, so the con’s are slightly winning out so far. But lets say the discussion is certainly going to continue.

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