The King of Sting: 5 of Bart Baker’s Best Parody Videos

Bart Baker, one of the most down to Earth and good natured YouTubers I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to (and I’ve talked to a lot of you), is also right up my alley. I like a person that can be funny and controversial, but also introspective and has the ability to dial down their personality and become a real person off camera. Some YouTubers can’t and that limits their appeal. No, I won’t mention names — not because I’m P.C., but because it’s more delightful for me if you go digging through mountains of old interviews to see who I candidly hate on (Jeff says this last part with a fey German accent and toys with his nipple while talking — it’s actually kind of a weird moment). Long story short, you know you’re a somebody in pop music when Bart Baker has parodied you … also, because you have millions of dollars and your songs go to the top of the hit charts. Here are five of my favorite Bart Baker parody videos:

5. “Wrecking Ball”

Everybody has a “Wrecking Ball” parody these days, but I bet Bart is the only one who has Steve-O and Ron Jeremy in his vid. Good work, sir.

4. “Started From the Bottom”

Ooh, catchy song AND making fun of Drake? Count me in.

3. “California Gurls”

Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 7.43.57 PM

It’s “embed disabled by request” which if you know me, you know I HATE, but that doesn’t change how much I dig on this video that Katy Perry herself was disgusted by.

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