‘The Simpsons’ Episodes Are Headed To Streaming and VOD — Whoohoo, USA, USA


Fox’s spin-off FXX of it’s spin-off FX (goddamn, those guys really like those letters) is finally giving “The Simpsons” fans like myself what we have been wanting for several years now: streaming “Simpsons.” And though it is coming out through a Fox subsidiary, they didn’t pick “The Simpsons” up for cheap. To avoid “fair market” lawsuits from, say, one of the show’s creators, Fox had to ultimately pony up $750 million for the right to air its own series, making it the richest streaming syndication deal in history.


While the deal, which is set to begin in August of 2014, means we won’t likely be seeing “The Simpsons” on Netflix or Hulu any time this decade (d’oh!), still it means we won’t have to resort to the scam efforts of tuning in to the illegally streaming episodes that pop up on sites like JustinTV. Plus, FXX is soon to be launching a mobile app called FXNOW, which will also likely be carrying the series, so we got that going for us, which is nice.

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