Tipsy Bartender: On Girls, Booze and Parties [YouTube Food Channel Tastemakers Series INTERVIEW]

“Girls. Booze. Party.” is what Tipsy Bartender promises, and it’s exactly what he delivers. You’re not into girls, booze or partying, you say? Well, besides me reminding you to take your Metamucil before watching your “NCIS” rerun tonight, I should also tell you that Tipsy delivers his infotainment content with a real gusto rarely seen on YouTube these days – and all through a vaguely Bahamian-sounding accent at that. In other words, he’s an entertaining must-watch, and you’ll want to check out his channel regardless of the fact that you may be a teetotaling wallflower.

Continuing our Tastemakers from Tastemade series, I profile Tipsy Bartender today. Here’s the most complicated rundown I can give of his channel besides what I’ve already told you: Tipsy, in the aforementioned vaguely Bahamian-sounding accent, teaches viewers how to make mixed alcoholic drinks and shots that may or may not f**k them up, but will most definitely always help them have a good time. Alcoholic concoctions he’s taught viewers how to make in the past include the Chocolate Blowjob, the Modern Warfare Frag Grenade shot and vodka gummy bears. All of his recipes are featured and demonstrated with the help of different “Tipsy Girls” he swears he stays strictly “professional” with (see our interview below), although he does flirt and cheer them on as they down their drinks on camera. Besides the AA precursors, Tipsy’s channel includes vlogging videos that feature a lot of women pole dancing and twerking – ya know, run-of-the-mill Shay Carl-type stuff.

Check out my interview with Tipsy below to find out what his last drink on Earth would be, what other topic he’d do a YouTube show on, and most importantly, what an NMR drink would look like (alas, it does not include NMR staff favorites like codeine and crushed up Xanaxes as ingredients).


What makes your drink channel different from all the other drink channels out there?

Tipsy Bartender: One look at my channel and you can see what’s different. Every other drink channel is just a guy teaching you how to make a cocktail. I’m girls, booze and a party as you learn to make an insane cocktail. Beauty gurus like Michelle Phan and AndreasChoice specialize in beauty. You go to them when you want to look good. I’m a booze guru. You want something to relax you after work? You come to me. You having some girls over? You come to me. You want to party but you’re on a budget? You come to me. My channel is the party.

If you could choose your last drink, what would it be?

Hypothetically speaking, if I were out of ammo, surrounded by flesh-eating zombies, while trapped behind a bar, what would I make? Hmm. I would grab the biggest container I could find and mix the world’s most ridiculous jungle juice. It would be loaded with peach schnapps, juices and fruits, but it would be topped with lethal doses of Everclear and Bacardi 151. One of two Solo cups of a mix like that and I couldn’t give a shit about a zombie. I would literally be “The Walking Dead.”

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