VitalyZDTV Makes A Homeless Guy’s Mouth A Whole Lot Sweeter (Not That, Ya Creep) [VIDEO]

VitalyZDTV is quickly becoming my favorite YouTuber. Personality-wise, he’s all over the map, which I dig on hard. In one video he’s about to get his schwerve on with a psycho fan only to realize he’s being pranked; in another, he’s convincing the good people of Florida that their imminent death is upon them. And yet, in a new series of vids, he’s making a “homeless” guy’s life a whole lot sweeter.

Reconnecting with Martin, a homeless guy out in Florida whom he showered with good vibes and swag earlier this year (video below), Vitaly now hooks Martin up with the ultimate gift: new teeth. With a likely drug addiction and years of neglect wiping out Martin’s chompers, Vitaly goes above and beyond a YouTube pranker/personality and demonstrates the enormous potential for good that is YouTube and gets Martin outfitted with a whole new set of teeth. Additionally, because of Martin’s celebrity through Vitaly’s video, Martin is now making better money begging than I do whoring (or writing articles — call it what you want). Only watch the above and below videos if you want an extreme case of the feels. While this video hasn’t inspired me to go out and adopt a homeless person of my own, it has at least inspired me to stop habitually murdering them … and that is something.

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