Former Maker VP Will Keenan named New CEO of Endemol Beyond USA


Will Keenan spent the last couple of years as a vice president over at Maker Studios — turns out it was the perfect place to hone his executive skills. Today he was publicly named as the CEO of Endemol Beyond USA, an extension company of the Endemol brand of television programming. In acquiring Keenan, Endemol is looking to further expand their digital operations — which they notably earmarked $40 million in funding for earlier this year. It sounds like Keenan gets to start out his head honcho duties with one hell of a piggy bank.

“I am honored to be a part of the continued evolution of Endemol, a world leader in creating, producing and distributing some of the most recognized entertainment content across the globe,” Keenan said in a statement. “In this new role, I am looking forward to leading a first of its kind premium channel network venture and a digital dream team that will transform the way digital content is experienced and delivered.”


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