YouTube Co-Founder: ‘Why the F*ck Do I Need a Google+ Account to Comment’

In covering YouTube’s new comment system changes, we wrote recently,  “Trolls are an inevitability though …”

A reader then posted the comment: “This article must be written by a Google schill [sic].”


Well, a very expected Google “schill,” in the form of YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim (or someone in control of his account), posted his very first comment on his own YouTube channel yesterday, and it doesn’t seem like he’s doing a very good job of “schilling”:

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 11.07.12 AM

In an attempt to mediate their YouTube video comments system, which is often littered with irrelevant, racist and vulgar messages (much like the NMR office dry erase board), Google now requires YouTube commenters to log in with their Google+ account. The change has absolutely nothing to do with Google trying to bolster their Google+ user numbers … is what one Google “schill” told me behind the scenes.

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