YouTube Dad Shows ‘How To Fight A Baby’ For the Viral TKO [VIDEO]

I wish I could go back to being a baby — just so that this guy could be my dad. In what is today’s cutest viral video (yeah, tomorrow there will likely be a new successor to the throne), this dad shows the internet just how to fight a baby. It’s an unbelievably cute video, and the baby clearly enjoys itself the entire time, so it’s no surprise that people out there think this guy is some sort of baby abuser. “I loved most of the video, I hated it when he throws the baby tho, I know he just playing but its not cool,” posted one commenter.

Come f**king on, people. Gavin McInnes, the father, is clearly an awesome dad and his 10-month-old son Adolf Osama McInnes is well padded by the blankets (okay, the kids name isn’t Adolf Osama, but wouldn’t this be a very different video if it was?). You people that complain are the same ones that got realistic toy guns, locking refrigerators and awesome lead products banned. Goddamn joy police … besides, anyone who’s anyone knows that moms are the real bad parents.

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