YouTube Has An Increase In Spam After Controversial Changes to Comment Section


So all the social media pages in the major rags have noted today that YouTube is actually receiving more spam in the aftermath of its “anti-spam” update to the YouTube comments section. And naturally, there is a sardonic sort of glee to their comments a sort of “oh ho ho — this foolhardy endeavour has failed.” Which is not a good thing. Granted, NMR clucked our tongues in regards to YouTube updating the comment system, but we’re natural contrarians. We are cynical of anything initially, but we also recognize the inevitability of progression. Users shouldn’t WANT YouTube’s new comments section to fail — we should be rooting for awesomeness of the highest order. We should want YouTube to get better and do better, because that’s beneficial to all of us. Yes, we don’t like having to sign in with Google+, but there are bigger issues in life.


While they won’t comment on the spam issue specifically, YouTube will say they are making strides towards getting better. They are refining their image recognition program to crack down on all the Bob posts that have popped up, and a glance at some of the major posts will tell you the outright anti-Google negativity has slowed enormously. Now that YouTube’s changes are already here — lets maybe give them a chance to work before we send out the second wave of revolters?

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