YouTube Music Awards Want You — Yes, You — In The Show [DETAILS INSIDE]

Remember that super secret mystery project we talked about way back when?

Okay, so you didn’t do all the necessary stuff like practice a musical instrument and get famous, but that doesn’t mean that millions of people can’t see your face on the YouTube Music Awards. Benevolent gonzo director Spike Jonze, who is also pulling the creative strings behind the YTMA’s, has determined that your ugly mug might just be of use to him after all.

There’s a list of words, ranging from “Eminem” to “Taylor” to “One” to “Direction” to “Winner” and many more. Pick one of those words, film yourself saying it in the most creative way you can think of, and then post it to If you say it funny enough, or clever enough, or if you are just outright an irresistible cutie, Spike Jonze may just use your selfie video in his show. Who knows? Maybe he will be so enamored with your reading of the word “Psy” that he immediately casts you in his next film. Why you could be the next guy or girl who throws the beer can at John Malkovich’s head?! Or maybe even the new John Malkovich? You’d better get to practicing — but don’t wait too long: the YTMA’s are starting at 5 am EST on Sunday morning (that’s 2 am PST on Saturday night for us folks on the better coast!) with around-the-world musical performances that will run up to the live show at 6pm EST in NYC.

My secret is to take one of the really shitty words, like “is” or “are” — a boring word no one else wants to say. I figure all the rest of you will be crowding up “Macklemore” or “Epic” or “Rap” or “Battles” and I’ll just be sitting pretty, waiting to be discovered by Spike.

I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. Jonze …

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