YouTube, Netflix Account For Almost Half The Internet

I knew they were big, but this is ridiculous …

Internet statistical analysis site Sandvine has just piped in with some pretty crazy news — the lion’s share of the internet’s bandwidth is taken up by real-time streaming videos from just two websites: YouTube and Netflix.

Specifically from Sandvine’s site:

“In North America, the dominance of real-time entertainment is due in large part to the continued market leadership of Netflix and YouTube, which account for over half of the downstream traffic during peak periods. In other regions, YouTube continues to be the largest single source of real-time entertainment traffic on both fixed and mobile access networks, which makes it the leading source of Internet traffic in the entire world.”


For those of you who like to see things more visually, here’s a chart:

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 8.49.27 PM

And guess what? According to Sandvine, those numbers are expected to rise in 2014. All hail the glorious masters of all my free time!