YouTube Pro Series Showcases YT Stars Helping Up-and-Comers [iJustine, Olga Kay, VSauce INTERVIEWS]

YouTube has come to the astute observation that a beautiful method of helping orient the new era of YouTubers is to get the established stars to do the heavy lifting. Bringing in unique talent to pontificate on subjects such as advertising and crowdsourcing, YouTube is hoping to educate up-and-coming channel creators with the blood, sweat and tears of those who have trod before them. I think it’s a pretty good idea, but the real question is: can a path be walked twice? Can the YouTubers of today explain the ins and outs of a business that is changing faster than I can change my underwear (it actually takes me a couple years to do that)?

Hell, even the format of the YouTube Pro Series has already shifted. With their latest broadcast, a discussion of brand management featuring the likes of iJustine, Kevin Lieber of Vsauce2, Olga Kay and Felicia Day of Geek and Sundry fame, YouTube broadcast this iteration of the Pro Series on live stream, warts and all, from the YouTube Space in L.A. Anything could be said, anything could be discussed, and as a result, the series, which debuted back in June of this year, has taken on an exciting new air of mystery. The fun moment of the evening came when Olga Kay, surrounded by an audience of enthusiastic listeners and the entirety of the live stream’s audience all over the world, was asked if there was a product she wouldn’t attach her name to, and she replied, “Condoms.” She’s more of a wholesome knee-high branded socks kind of girl, I guess. Moosh!


The show, which will heretoforth air live as a result of the successful test stream, aims to release new episodes periodically. According to a YouTube source who I promised I wouldn’t quote, the series came as a result of fans saying they wanted a show that would allow them to learn the trade from the established creators, so for all of you out there who claim YouTube never listens to your concerns, guess what? They do.

We got to spend a few lovely minutes with some of the presenters and some of the audience and just see what the hell everybody learned from this enchanted evening. That video is above, the entire hour-long stream of the show itself is below. Choose wisely.

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