5 Most Inspiring Christmas Videos To Keep Your Spirits Up

Okay, so you’re alone on Christmas. That doesn’t mean you’re really alone — there are a whole bunch of people out there who would be your absolute best friends — they just haven’t met you yet. Now with that in mind, celebrate Christmas on YouTube this year and pretend your life isn’t anything less than perfect. NMR wants to help you, and as such, we’ve given you music, food, decorations, a snowman and, of course, presents! Awww NMR loves you!

5. A Perfect Christmas Dinner

I’m going to have my annual Yuletide raviolis out of a can as I sit in my underwear — to be fair though, that’s pretty much my dinner every night. That doesn’t mean we can’t do that “Hook” thing where we imagine a fine Christmas feast — and use this video to help us along.

4. Decorating the Christmas Tree

What is more “Christmas” than a decorated tree? Presents come with birthdays and anniversaries and other holidays, a decorated tree ONLY comes with Christmas. And as perfect Christmas trees go, you don’t get much nicer than this one.

3. Building the Perfect Snowman

Man, I hope I chose the right video here and you find this video cute and endearing and fun — and not a carnival of sexual fulfillment. She’s just a kid — seek help before it goes any further than this. She’s just a kid …

2. 3 Hours of Uninterrupted Christmas Music

Get into the Yuletide spirit something proper with this gigantic compendium of just about every Christmas song going. If it isn’t on here, there’s a good chance it isn’t a real Christmas song. Also, having these pleasant songs streaming through your mind will keep the impure thoughts away. She’s just a kid …

1. Gifts Aplenty!

Sure you might not have any gifts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch these other people delighting over the fact that someone loves them. Probably best if you lock up the handgun and rat poison tonight …

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