‘Bad Roomies’ Kickstarter Takes Jason Schnell From Reckless Tortuga To Feature Films [INTERVIEW]

Jason Schnell is best known for being a founding member of the badass comedy troupe Reckless Tortuga. But now Jason is branching out from the medium that made him and into feature films.

Jason Schnell on the far left

Jason Schnell, far left

First up: “Bad Roomies,” a raucous comedy starring Tommy Savas and Patrick Renna AKA “The Great Hambino” AKA that one awesome kid from “The Sandlot” (“You’re killing me, Smalls!”). Moving into an exciting new phase in his career, Schnell has taken to Kickstarter to raise additional funding for the tale of two buddies reduced to fighting over a hot roommate. Because NMR knows Schnell well, we know that this project has the likely potential of being more awesome than accidental nudity, and so we are excited to see this project come to fruition. While they already have 50 percent of the funding necessary, they need the additional support of Kickstarter to make this thing the best possible project it can be. Imagine if someone only “sort of got hit in the nuts” as opposed to “full-on, hilarious, testicle-munching destruction” because you failed to kick in a few shekels — that would suck.

To drum up some support for “Bad Roomies” as the project enters the home stretch of its campaign, we hit up Schnell and Patrick Renna so they could answer our questions and reassure us that they weren’t going to take our hard-earned money and spend it on a bag of really primo weed. Based on Schnell’s answers, we feel its a pretty good bet that “Bad Roomies” is going to be awesome. Be sure to also check out NMR’s interview with Renna, found here. And then get over to Kickstarter to drop some love on what will doubtlessly be an amazing achievement in profane hilarity.

How did you get attached to this project? And what attracted you to it?

Jason Schnell: I have known these guys for years: Tommy since the beginning of Reckless, Mooney wrote some of the COPS episodes, and I have been a Patrick fan for years. A while ago, there was a project Reckless was kicking around that Patrick was perfect for, but unfortunately it fell through and I told him if he ever wants to do anything I’m in. So about a year ago Patrick called me and asked if I wanted to make a movie. I said, “Yes,” and that’s how I got on board.

You’ve dealt with the subject of bad neighbors in your Reckless Tortuga shoots. How does the comedy change when they’re all living in the same dwelling?

We’ve covered a lot of different types of living situations in Reckless. I think for “Bad Roomies” it’s less about the one-off “crazy thing” and more about the chemistry of the characters creating absolute insanity.

Shoot straight with us here. What are we putting our cash into: is this movie insanely dirty like a hard-R, with profanity and nudity and poop, or is this more like a PG-13 comedy with some pleasant chuckles?

It’s funny. When we all first sat down to talk about what we wanted to do, the first thing we all said was hard R. I don’t think I can come from Reckless and make something PG, at least not first.

Why the decision for Kickstarter over, say, Indiegogo?

Well, we went back and forth to be honest, and the truth is we went with Kickstarter for the size of the audience. It seemed like Kickstarter had more eyeballs.