Beyonce Fans vs. Charles Trippy, We The Kings: Swear Words Determine Who’s No. 1 On iTunes

We The Kings is certainly loved by the YouTube circuit. But right now, Beyonce lovers don’t seem to be the biggest of fans. Blowing up Charles Trippy’s Twitter feed, the now-permanent bassist for the band and YouTube star is being inundated with tweets galore from Beyonce fans taking umbrage with his assertion that the band is No. 1 on iTunes.

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This brouhaha between the two camps actually comes down to a few swear words. Literally. See, Apple’s iTunes chart doesn’t count albums with explicit lyric warnings, which one iteration of Beyonce’s newest album has. And so, as a result, sales from that album aren’t being figured into the cumulative total of units sold. So, in appearance, We the Kings is sitting pretty at the top of the charts, but in reality, apparently Beyonce is the “real” numero uno. And now everybody is up in arms, going back and forth about what the definition of “is” … is. Is We the Kings’ latest album, “Somewhere Somehow,” No. 1 because Apple says it is or because it actually is? Hmm …

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But wait, the rabbit hole gets deeper. See, the band announced via Twitter on December 16, that if their album hit No. 1, they would all get “Somewhere Somehow” tattoos — as in permanent ink … of an event that may or may not count depending on how you side. How awkward is that?

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I am siding with We the Kings. Even if it was an accounting error, if I’m at the top of the charts for even a second, I’m screenshotting the hell out of it and framing the picture for my grandkids’ grandkids’ grandkids.

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