Big Frame’s Sarah Penna & BermanBraun’s Michael Cruz to Discuss YouTube & Brand Integration [DETAILS INSIDE]

Think Tank Gallery, an L.A.-based art space, is playing host to an intellectual salon straight out of the Parisian “Golden Age” tonight. Big Frame’s own Sarah Penna and BermanBraun’s Michael Cruz will be discussing brand integration and YouTube over a cup of coffee (possibly even the space’s Ghost Pepper Mocha).

Think Tank creative director and host of the event, Jacob Patterson, told NMR:

Our exhibit’s creation was indebted to the new way brands interact with creators, and YouTube pioneered this new interaction. Sarah, being one of my good friends and one of the forefathers (or mothers) of this new landscape, agreed to speak on the revolution. The Think Tank itself started because Sarah believed in it and encouraged us to start it three years ago. 

I really want people to understand that if they just try really hard to excel at what they do, all they need is a webcam and an internet connection and they can make their dream their career. Tonight will prove that.


According to the Think Tank Gallery’s blog, “If your goal is to have your work seen and funded in any way, this discussion is for you. YouTube has pioneered the change in advertising that allows for creators to come up with their own ideas and have them funded by brands looking to gain access to relevant audiences. If you’re a filmmaker with two million subscribers on your channel full of short films and visual effects, almost any idea you have can be funded if you find the right people to do this.”

The event begins at 8 p.m. PST and is free, so if you happen to be in the L.A. area right now, drop what you’re doing and jump over to Think Tank Gallery’s Facebook page for details.

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