Comic Andy Kindler Bangs The Gavel in ‘Kid’s Court’ on the Nerdist Channel [INTERVIEW]

Maybe at one time there was a sort of stigma about mainstream celebrities “slumming it” in online programming. But with the likes of Matt Damon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sarah Silverman, Will Ferrell and a whole host of others popping up in content, clearly YouTube, Funny or Die and all the other online content networks are the place to be. And yet, somewhere, I feel Andy Kindler is making a self-deprecating joke. Kindler is a comic’s comic — one of those with the rare gift of making the other funny people laugh.

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I was always delighted by his numerous performances on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” (at least I think that was him … it might have been Andy Dick — I kid, I kid) and so when he popped up on the new media radar, I was head over heels about getting to heckle the man who delivers one of the most sarcastic and controversial “bits” in all of comedy-dom: his annual “State of the Industry” roast at the Montreal Comedy Festival.

Kindler finds himself wearing judge robes for a terrific new show created by Mike Rotman, Jane Edith Wilson and Gary Lucy and produced by Streamin’ Garage with Nerdist called “Kids Court.” Imagine real kids with real problems being hassled by a fake judge who happens to be a brash incisive comic with a puppet for a bailiff. Does that not sound like comedic gold? Frankly, I’m shocked at how nice Kindler is to the kids — but then, as a soulless monster, I guess I’ve got a lot to learn. Check out my interview with the maestro of meting out justice, kid-style, and then drop in on Nerdist for the latest episode of “Kid’s Court.” You’ll be more than “not disappointed,” you’ll be downright glad you did.

How did you find yourself in judicial robes presiding over children’s squabbles? Did you do something to piss your agent off?

Andy Kindler: When they offered me the gig, I said yes. I love kids and I enjoy making uninformed decisions. Also, I was promised snacks, and a bailiff puppet. What more could I ask for and get?

If not for comedy/performing is there any chance you might have become a real judge?

Absolutely. I could do it. I’m extremely judgmental, if that helps. Usually it doesn’t.

Is there any chance we’re going to see some hard-hitting cases — maybe something involving a child that molests creepy old men or a kid serial killer?

I would like to put you on trial for asking this question.

Are the kids generally sweet and precocious or are they those hyper-aware “Hollywood kids” who talk about “making choices” with their acting technique and have coke addictions?

The kids are sweet and nice, but very pushy. They keep trying to give me their sizzle reel. They get angry when I don’t accept their invitation to LinkedIn.

How do you get your cases?

I’m not at liberty to divulge that information. That’s another way of saying I have no idea.

How integral do you see YouTube being to the future of the “mainstream” Hollywood landscape?

Very integral. What does “integral” mean?

Is there any channels you follow on YouTube?

No. I’m too busy googling my name to get involved in that.

The two girls who had their friendship dissolved by your ruling seemed pretty chummy afterwards. Is there some sort of “contempt of court” ruling that can be made here?

If there was collusion, all I can say is, nice job.

Who’s got the tougher cases — you or Judge Judy?

Judge Judy is an unpleasant hack. She was admitted to the hospital about a year ago for intestinal problems. Turns out she hates her own guts. That didn’t answer your question, but it felt good.

What’s one thing that sticks out in your mind from childhood that would have wound you up in Kids Court?

I only made $500 from my Bar Mitzvah. That should have been a federal case.

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