‘Christmas Jammies’ Family Takes A YuleTide Dump on YouTube — Musically Speaking, Of Course [VIDEO]


Dancin’ in the front yard, night and day — this sweet-ass video takes the sleigh,
Everything about these people is a-okay — wouldn’t you say?
Alright, all I want for Christmas is a sweet, sweet jammy
Rump-shake my holiday to Will Smith’s “Miami”

Got two precocious kids, I bet one isn’t freakin’ his
Oh and that wife seems like a Yuletide treat
Drop them jammies while I drop this beat.

Let’s see — how long can I go on, watching viral vids?
Each one worse than a crib full of S.I.D.S.
True story, in YouTube format.

My head feels like a “Welcome” doormat.
E-sharp, or is it All-flat? My brain makes my eyeballs wanna go SPLAT!

Downey Jr. — on drugs again
If he let these yuppies feature him
Eh, for the win. Hope your Xmas ain’t this grim.

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