Help!: Hampton Police Turn Holidays into Hell-idays with Horrible ‘Jingle Bells’ YouTube Video

Ho ho ho! Well, what do we have here? Looks like the online video-viewing public at large has been extra naughty this year, because Santa has dropped a big, fat reindeer turd, in the form of the Christmas YouTube video above, in its digital stocking. And nope, this yule log isn’t even Rudolph’s – if it was, one of the feed kernels in it would glow … like a lightbulb! – and it’d be a certified Xmas collectible. But alas, this one was produced by one of the other eight reindeer that no one cares about – Grumpy or Doc or Moe or one of those.

The police of Hampton, Va. took a nice little holiday break from eating donuts (I know this is a stereotype, but seriously, what else are you going to do in Hampton-f*cking-Virginia?) and arresting methheads in local trailer parks (okay, so that’s one thing to do there …) to produce arguably the worst police video since the LAPD beatdown of Rodney King.

In the video, the police unit sing and dance to their own “remixed” version of “Jingle Bells” in which they advise citizens to not shoplift, stay safe and report any criminal behavior. Hampton police are touting the video as an effective success, as immediately following the video’s upload on Friday, 911 operators were deluged with multiple frantic reports of “white people dancing” and a “worse-than-‘Glee’ murder attempt of a classic song” occurring on YouTube.

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