John Green Details Why VlogBrothers Won’t Sue Over Alleged Urban Outfitters ‘Copyright Infringement’ [VIDEO]

This. This is exactly what I like to see from the internet — not the sort of communist “we all share everything” mentality, but specifically, not greed. I like that the VlogBrothers, John and Hank Green, aren’t going to stop annoying-ass companies from turning a profit on what is arguably their catchphrase “Don’t Forget to Be Awesome” or their initialism “D.F.T.B.A.” As John points out in the video, forcing mainstream companies to cease and desist would also shut down fan-made pieces and small businesses within the nerdfighter community. In a sense, they would be forced to commit “worldsuck” (I feel like they won’t sue me for using their term here) in order to protect their “brand.”

This sensibility is exactly how the world ought to run. Well, this and killing anyone over the age 50 and grinding them up for our food. But that’s a subject for a different publication.

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