Kingsley Talks, His New Entertainment Website [INTERVIEW]

Viewers just can’t seem to ever nearly satisfy their Kingsley fix, and being the magnanimous, caring YouTuber that he is, he’s going to give us all more: more of that trademark Kingsley sassiness, more fall-off-your-chair and spit-out-your-drink funniness, more all-around flawlessness.

This week, the YouTube funnyman launched his first-ever website, a venture that promises fans daily posts on the latest entertainment and pop culture going-ons. With Kingsley personally updating his site on a near-daily basis (with the help of two contributors), it could easily figure to be one of the best, most entertaining creator websites out there.

Check out NMR’s interview with Kingsley below to learn more about his exciting new website before you head on over to make it your top bookmark.

Tell me about your new big venture.

Kingsley: It’s called The Overexposed, and it’s an entertainment website slash blog slash mess.

What made you want to create a website?

Well, writing has always been one of my biggest passions. I used to write as a kid when I was bored, and my parents actually have stacks of stories at home that I wrote in elementary school. I was on the newspaper staff during high school, made editor my senior year and pursued journalism at university. Plus, I love pop culture. One of my dreams growing up was to write for Entertainment Weekly or People and I was so focused on that, but then the YouTube thing happened, which was, like, the biggest accident ever. Most importantly, I’ve been doing videos since 2009, and viewers still beg me to discuss certain things every single day, so I thought it was time. I think I’m at a place where I have a solid group of supporters to be able to try something fresh while meeting their demands at the same time. I know they’ll tell me if it sucks.

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What makes your celebrity & entertainment news site different from the others?

The atmosphere. We’re not going to be, like, super formal or kiss ass. BUT we’re not going to be rude and vile like Perez Hilton. I envision it to be a place, like YouTube, that young audiences check as soon as they get home from school knowing they’ll get laughs and updates on their favorite celebs. Laughter first though.

Are you nervous?

I am. I know maintaining a website is not the easiest task in the world, but I’m up for the challenge. There’s also the gigantic possibility that it flops [laughs] — which would suck. My biggest fear is people being like, “Stop writing and just make videos, girl. We don’t have time for this.” A lot of young people these days act like reading anything longer than 140 characters is torture. But, as cliche as it is, you’ll never know until you try.

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