Kingsley Talks, His New Entertainment Website [INTERVIEW]


Dreaming big, what’s your ultimate end goal for the site?

I want that scene in “The Social Network,” where Eduardo sees the Facebook office for the first time. I want the scene to stop, though, right after he walks in before all the rage. In my version, I want to walk into an office, see a staff of writers, sit down and smile.

So should Perez Hilton be looking over his shoulder?

Nah. Honestly, everyone read Perez when I was growing up, so I can’t even deny that somewhere along the line, even subconsciously, he has been an influence. I think he is the blogger equivalent of Madonna. He’ll never really go away.

What recent entertainment headline has most surprised you, and why?

Paul Walker’s death, without a doubt. It was so sudden and came out of nowhere. I actually just watched one of his films, “Running Scared,” a couple of months ago for the first time and told my boyfriend how trippy it was. My parents are also huge fans of the “Fast & Furious” franchise, so it was just really shocking.

Now, as for your YouTube channel. What are your plans?

I’m starting my 4th annual Overexposed countdown next week, and that’s pretty much my last big thing of 2013. If the website goes well, I’d love to gradually phase out of my pop culture videos (because they’d hear my opinions on the site) and get back into more random vlogs and fun content. I’m filming some collaborations soon with DailyGrace, Connor Franta, LisBug, Sam Pepper and others. At this point, I just want to have fun with the channel and keep viewers entertained. I think I’ve established my voice and persona, you know? If any kind of long term career comes out of this whole YouTube thing, I’d like it to be in writing. We’ll just see how 2014 goes.

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