Living In A Material World? ‘Haul’ Videos Are This Season’s Hottest Watch

It isn’t a recession judging by many of the videos on YouTube. While we’ve seen iterations of them before — particularly with the fashion and makeup gurus like Miss Glamorazzi and Bethany Mota — the hottest new trend in video seems to be “Haul” videos. As in, “Hey strangers on the internet, check out all the cool things I just bought.”

Over 800,000 “Haul” videos have been uploaded to YouTube in total, with over 6,000 coming just from this past Thanksgiving weekend’s “Black Friday” dealhunters alone. “Videos uploaded to YouTube with ‘haul’ in the title have almost doubled over the past four years,” YouTube spokesperson Chelsea Maughan admitted in an article with Yahoo consumer site Shine. “People are changing the way they research and purchase, and online is an integral part of the shopping process. Haul videos have become a virtual fitting room.” And the stores and brands have definitely taken notice. Target has even created a YouTube spot called “Happy Haul-idays.” I’ll admit, “Haul-idays” is catchy (if not a little distracting from the true reason for the season).

“One of the reasons why our study found YouTube to be so successful in driving sales is because users can click any ad they see and go directly to the retailer’s website to purchase,” Maughan added. “If you’re watching a video and see a necklace you like, you’re a click away from having it shipped to your doorstep.”

So if you’re looking for that niche to break yourself into the YouTube world, and shopping happens to be a strong point, you might just become a “Haul” monitor. It seems to be paying off — hopefully it pays off enough to take care of those shopping bills though.

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