Lyrically Speaking: The Next Big Trend in YouTube Music Videos is Here

Good news, people: the record labels have found a cheap way to increase their views while offering us less content. Whew.


Lyric videos, which have existed for years and were previously uploaded by hardcore fans are now a commodity for the record labels who can’t help but see lyric videos as a cheap means of getting views. As points out, Sean “Puffy” Combs’ (I don’t care what he wants to be called — this is the name I’m sticking with) video for “Victory” cost his label $2.5 million. A lyric video can cost the label anywhere from a few thousand dollars to nothing at all. From that standpoint, it’s hard to argue with the practice.

The move, which was popularized by CeeLo Green’s übercheap “Fuck You” video has become a massive source of view-related income for record labels who are still tossing ballast overboard in the wake of Napster. Nowadays, major promotion for indie-style artists is rare; lyric videos are a way of making accessible and highly shareable music videos that don’t break the bank.

In fact, a major label like Warner Bros. can expect to net somewhere in the $25 million range annually for the likes of lyric videos from their healthy roster of mainstream clients, says one industry insider.

I wonder how long until Sean “Puffy” Combs finds a way to make a lyric video that costs $2.5 million?

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