Makeup Guru Wayne Goss Talks Charlotte Tilbury and Signing with Kin Community [INTERVIEW]

Kin Community, one of the top multi-channel networks for women on YouTube, made a splash recently by signing three big YouTube talents: personality Rosanna Pansino, makeup guru Wayne Goss and designer Joy Cho. They join the queen of YouTube and pantsuits, Ellen DeGeneres, in calling Kin Community home for their videos. Today, NMR profiles one of the most popular makeup artists on YouTube, Wayne Goss.

Wayne Goss has been doing makeup for over a decade and a half, and it shows. The Welsh beauty guru’s expertise with all the ins and outs of makeup and skincare shine through in all of his videos, but more than anything, it’s his delivery and ability to engage with his viewers that is extra special. It’s clear that his long-time viewers flock to his videos not just as pupils of a makeup master, but also as friends reconnecting with a personality they have great affection for. And Goss has a lot of friends in his viewers because he makes cosmetic beauty easily achievable for everyone — not just the conventionally beautiful — and his tutorials, reviews and vlogging videos have proven that he has the every-woman (and man) appeal , having attracted over 137 million views and nearly 1.3 million subscribers in four years’ time.

Read our interview with Wayne below to find out why he thinks his audience connects and why he signed with Kin Community.

wayne goss

Your interest in makeup started when you got adult acne at 20. So did you start wearing makeup yourself? Do you think makeup is a good option for men with skin issues, and if so, what should they be doing or using?

Wayne Goss: Makeup is much less detectable now than 15 years ago! I did wear makeup (at the time) to hide some of the acne. It was a choice — red spots or beige spots — I choose the beige option!

Now makeup has moved on and formulas are very skin-like, a blessing. For men or women who want a natural appearance, mineral makeup is still the best option.

What qualities do you think it is about you or your videos that makes your YouTube audience connect?

I think the fact that I’m a man. And 35. That I give information out quickly without being overly chatty. I think I connect with humor, but keeping everything to the point without rambling for 20 minutes helps.

Have you found the business side of being a YouTube makeup artist to come easily? Do sponsorships — since you have to make recommendations and use products — and your own product line just make sense?

Business is easy. I only ever do what I want – lol! I have done sponsored videos but only those that have impacted my followers (i.e. that involve giving something back). I’m not tied to any one brand so I can say whatever I choose.

Besides yourself, who’s your favorite beauty guru on YouTube and why?

Charlotte Tilbury. The world-renowned Charlotte Tilbury, I might add! She is a blessing to YouTube; a true artist. Booked year out and works with a ton of celebrities. Plus a wonderful friend; I adore her.

If you weren’t doing a show on makeup, what kind of show would you want to do?

Honestly?! Some kind of black humor comedy probably. I love to laugh.

What made you decide to recently sign with Kin Community?

That’s easy. I needed someone that would listen to me, that would understand what I was about, that wouldn’t push and that could help me move forward. I’ve been beyond impressed with everything. They are a blessing to me and I’m so thankful to have found them.

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