Max Lugavere Turns Celebrity Interviewing Into a Fine Art on AOL Series ‘Acting Disruptive’ [INTERVIEW]

Max Lugavere is a renaissance man par excellence! Not only is he the host of the awesomely interesting AOL show “Acting Disruptive” via Tribeca Digital Studios, but he’s also a decent guitar player/singer and a contributing columnist for online (and offline) magazine Psychology Today. So not only does Max get to hang out with icons, titans of industry and celebrities galore, interviewing them about their passion projects, but he can also psychoanalyze them if he so desires.

Max, who got his start doing original content for Al Gore’s independent television channel Current TV, is one of the new generation of “bright lights.” That is to say, he doesn’t have the self-involved egocentrism that typifies many stars currently fading from the limelight (I remember someone saying the name Paris Hilton somewhere once … I think …). He’s globally-conscious, young, talented and educating the masses via Psychology Today, the Huffington Post and his Tumblr blog — so he’s also pretty busy.

Fortunately, Max was also kind enough to tap his brakes long enough to give me the lowdown on “Acting Disruptive” and some of the cool people’s he’s gotten to interact with through that experience. And let me tell you, interviewing a professional interviewer is not as easy as it looks, but Max carried me along nicely. Oh yeah, that’s another thing he’s got going for him — he’s one heck of a nice guy. But if you’ve seen one of his many hosting gigs on Current TV or “Acting Disruptive,” you already knew that.

How do you choose the subjects you interview?

Max Lugavere: Basically we go after people who were intricately involved in cool startups. Not as celebrity spokespeople but as founders or co-founders. Artists who are putting blood and sweat into passion projects outside of their day jobs.

How did you get to team up with Tribeca Digital Studios in the first place?

Tribeca approached me about doing some content, so we came up with a way which tells the story of their brand, their Disruptive Innovation Awards which they’re known for having every year, and my passion for distilling big ideas and innovation with a kind of journalism that’s cinematic and fun. Working with them has been awesome. They’re my homies.

What would you say is the best question you’ve ever asked and what was the answer you got?

The best question I EVER asked?

Hmmm. I really enjoyed hanging with Olivia Wilde and my good friend Bryn Mooser at RYOT. I’m a big believer that the right narrative can change the world and they echoed those feelings. And then Russell Simmons and I discussed his new venture which is actually called Narrative, where’s he’s applying that very concept to business and is having tremendous success. We’re connecting the dots.

Would you say that “Acting Disruptive” is your passion project, or do you have bigger dreams on the horizon?

I love the series, the response around social media has been amazing, and AOL and Tribeca are thrilled, which makes me happy. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it!

You don’t have to mention names, but have you interviewed any celebs about their passion project and just thought, “Well this is flat out dumb”?

No! No dumb ideas on “Acting Disruptive.” That was one of our earliest mandates. Filter out the dumb ideas.

If you saw someone who was in a position to save someone from drowning (and you weren’t), and that person didn’t do anything to save the victim, what would you do?

That’s a great question! Going to think on that. Can I get back to you?

You’re also involved with Psychology Today;­­ how did that come about?

I like to write and I’m a huge neuroscience and psychology junkie — I studied that in school, and when I’m not shooting or producing I am usually compulsively scanning health and futurist blogs, reading the latest studies and new insights and posting them to my Tumblr, Wonderjunkie. I want to be a voice in the chorus, so was happy when Psychology Today asked me to contribute. I try to offer a humanistic perspective on the countless fascinating studies that come out almost every day but can occasionally go unnoticed.

What’s one thing the world should absolutely know about Max Lugavere?

I do all my own stunts.

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