Mom Makes Cringeworthy ‘What Does The Fox Say’ Parody … Sigh … [VIDEO]

I thought about just letting this video slip into the night and not covering it. There are other terrible versions and derivatives of “What Does The Fox Say?” around, so why should I single this ungodly and terrible version called “What Do My Kids Say” out? I did it because it was posted to a YouTube account as the only video. Meaning this isn’t someone who gives a damn about pursuing art for art’s sake. This isn’t someone desperate to be a star at all costs, giving their all for the world. This was likely a mom who was hanging out with other moms, drinking Chardonnay, and one of them made an offhand comment that went too far and resulted in this should-be abortion. It’s the kind of video where if it does really well, she will make tired parodies of other songs and get her kids and husband to be in them. None of us wants that, mom. We just want to watch TV and recycle your empty wine bottles. One of us has to think about the planet.

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