‘Nerdy Nummies” Rosanna Pansino Talks Baking, Favorite Female YouTubers, Signing to a New Network [INTERVIEW]

Kin Community, one of the top multi-channel networks for women on YouTube, made a splash recently by signing three big YouTube talents: personality Rosanna Pansino, makeup guru Wayne Goss and designer Joy Cho. They join the queen of YouTube and pantsuits, Ellen DeGeneres, in calling Kin Community home for their videos. Today, NMR profiles rising star Rosanna Pansino.

The adorkable/quirky/geeky Rosanna Pansino has a penchant for video games and cartoons that’s often manifested on “Nerdy Nummies,” her flagship show featuring her talents at designing impossibly cute baked goodies. Case in point:

That’s right – Spongebob lemon bars. Game … over. It’s no wonder then that Pansino’s YouTube channel has shot up in no time, having accrued 1.2 million subscribers in only two years. Three of her coolest dessert creations have in fact landed on YouTube’s top 10 most viewed food video list for 2013: her “My Little Pony” cupcakes, her chess cake and her Lego cake.

Read our interview with Ro – as her viewers call her – to learn how she got into baking, her three favorite female YouTubers and what she thinks about criticisms of pretty women who profess to being nerds.

rosanna pansino

How did you get your start baking?

Rosanna Pansino: My grandmother loved baking and because of her, baking has always been a hobby of mine. I have always loved being creative with my food and making themed sweets for my friends.

You’ve only been at the YouTube game for two years and already have over a million subscribers. When did you really start to see your viewership pick up steam and you knew you could make a living off of videos?

I’m not exactly sure when the tipping point for me was. As soon as I started making YouTube videos I just wanted to continue making content that I enjoy. The response from the online community has been super supportive and amazing.

To me, you do come across as an authentic nerd (obviously no offense). When some attractive women profess to being nerds or gamers, they get criticized for pandering. Do you think that’s ever fair?

“Pretty Woman no make cave painting!” — Caveman, 30,000 BCE.

“Pretty Woman no play video games!” — Neckbeard, 2013.

 Who are your top 3 favorite female creators on YouTube?

There are a lot of women on YouTube who I enjoy watching. I feel bad just picking three, but HERE WE GO:

1) Daily Grace – She’s a comedian who always makes me laugh.

2) Felicia Day – She is extremely talented and hard working. I’ve really enjoyed the content she’s helped create on GeekAndSundry

3) CoxnCrendor — These are the sassiest ladies I know!

What made you decide to sign with Kin Community? What do you hope to come out of the new partnership?

There are so many goals and projects I have wanted to start for a while now  — cookbook, website, new series, etc. — and Kin Community was most excited to partner with me on these. Also, their contract wasn’t a scam like a lot of other networks. They are a group of really good, honest and motivated people who want to help others succeed.

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