Next ‘Friday’: An Interview With Dave Days About His Duet With Rebecca Black on Their Huge New Hit ‘Saturday’

A duet with Rebecca Black might be one of the biggest “gets” in all of the internet. And yet, Dave Days has had a few of them now with his work on her version of “Wrecking Ball” and a cover of Rihanna’s “Stay.” But nothing so far has been been nearly so huge or as awesome in scope as their work on “Saturday,” the work nobody saw coming and yet we happily now have. A follow up to the 2011 super-duper-mega-ginorma-viral hit “Friday,” it’s a funny and bold video filled with pop culture winks and nods to amongst other things, the very video that made Rebecca Black famous in the first place.

For Black, this video is a sort of coming out. NMR already raved about her cover of “We Can’t Stop” so we knew she had the pipes, but to see her take on “Friday” and just own it means she’s got the personality to match the talent. Rebecca Black has weathered the storm and is better for it. And for that, we might just in part have Dave Days to thank. Dave has been a regular on the YouTube scene for quite a while now — he’s the sort of talent that gets mentioned in conversations about “the next big thing.” Twice he’s been the most subscribed musician on YouTube and yet, his achievements and his talents on both sides of the mixing boards have only been increasing lately. The Pennsylvania transplant has long since found his “voice”; now he’s all about refining it to the benefit of larger and larger audiences.

If you love the “Saturday” video, it’s understandable. Available on iTunes, the beat is catchy and lyrically it’s a vast upgrade over what “Friday” gave us. If you hate the “Saturday” video, that’s okay too. Not everything appeals to everyone — that’s the beauty and diversity of music. But you’re lying if you said you haven’t listened to it and formed an opinion. This song has a pop culture super-pedigree — how could you not listen?

NMR grabbed Days for an interview about how “Saturday” (well over 10 million views since its release on, appropriately, Saturday) exploded onto the scene in the first place.

How did the idea to do “Saturday” come about?

Dave Days: When her song “Friday” came out, I had the idea to do a parody for myself called “Saturday,” but I ended up not actually going through with it. Then when I met her, I had the idea in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t until after a few times of hanging out with her that I mentioned it and she loved the idea, she thought it’d be really cool. Eventually, we were just like, “Lets do this.” We got together, wrote the song, recorded the music and then put the video together, and it happened.

So Rebecca got the humor behind it? She didn’t have problems following up “Friday” with “Saturday”?

At first she was a little shy. I remember when I first met her, it was last year in December, we were at a friend’s house in Laguna Beach, and I started playing “Friday” on the piano, and Rebecca ran out of the room. She was a little shy about the whole thing still. A few months later I brought up the idea of her doing a song called Saturday, which would poke fun at her whole experience with Friday and the Saturday after and she said, “You know, this would be really funny.” She was very carefree about it and wasn’t afraid to make fun of the whole “Friday” situation. Her positivity and enthusiasm made the whole thing very organic and real.

Obviously the views have been huge, but have you been getting some positive feedback about the video?

Yeah, I mean there’s definitely been the haters out there who’ve said, “Oh no, Rebecca comes out with ‘Saturday,’” but there’s also been a lot of positive articles and positive feedback about the song … more positive than negative, which is great to see. But the negative stuff is always very funny to read.

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