Next ‘Friday’: An Interview With Dave Days About His Duet With Rebecca Black on Their Huge New Hit ‘Saturday’

Did I notice that there was a Miley Cyrus homage in the video?

Yes, there was. It wouldn’t be a party without one. Our friend Katie — we invited her to the video shoot and she’s a huge Miley fan, and so she showed up dressed like Miley Cyrus, twerking and doing the whole thing, which was hilarious. Miley actually just recently favorited a tweet about the Saturday video, so as of now, Miley Cyrus has definitely seen the video and her new imposter.

Now, you were the producer on this video, is that correct?

Right, yeah. Rebecca and I wrote the song together, then I came up with the music and she thought it was cool so she came over to my studio and recorded her vocals. As for the video, I pitched the idea to Rebecca then called up a few friends of mine, Chris Grieder, Chris Ripley and Joey Anderton, who I’ve worked with in the past and were down to help out with the treatment, then we spent the next fews days getting everything we needed together for the video so it would run smoothly. And yes, we shot it on a Saturday.

Okay, I guess the important question now is: is there going to be a “Sunday”?

Ummm… [laughs] we’ll see. We’ll see. Maybe a new one every two years? “Sunday” in two years, “Monday” in four years … I’m down for that.

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