Nintendo 3DS Finally Gets YouTube, Mysteriously Lacks 3D Component

Today in nearly-dead format news: the Nintendo 3DS just got YouTube. For all those people (for that one person?) who was clamoring that they couldn’t switch between “Professor Layton” games and videos of cats pissing seductively (sorry, no video here … dig it up yourself, pervert) without changing consoles, your cries have been answered.


Available in the North American and European Nintendo 3DS store, which itself just launched last month, you’ll be able to download YouTube right along with those other apps that you’ve always wanted for your unwieldy and inconveniently-sized mini gaming console. Hell, maybe you can rock out to your Nintendo 3DS YouTube videos while skating around the mall on your Heely’s and talking about how you can’t wait to see the next Hannah Montana movie.

Most baffling about the technology though, as Engadget points out, is its complete lack of 3D playback capabilities with videos that are 3D-compatible. What the hell good are these blue and red glasses good for then?

Here are some other formats that carry this newfangled YouTube thing:

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