Rebecca Black Reviews ‘Friday’ 2 ½ Years Later: No Apology, But She Finally Gets It [VIDEO]

So I got an email from someone asking why NMR hadn’t mentioned Rebecca Black reviewing her “Friday” YouTube video — on Black Friday. And at first I was like, “Because it’s goddamned Rebecca Black.” But then I remembered that I really liked that version she did of “We Can’t Stop” and was like, “Well, fuck it.” If Rebecca Black can make fun of herself for being a goofy 13-year-old, well then, I can certainly make fun of her for being a goofy 16-year-old clinging to this odd notion of internet infamy. Who am I to judge? If I was in her position, I would do the same thing. Hell, someone call Patrice Wilson — I think I could murder a song about yogurt or shitting your pants or cat food.

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