Reddit Viral Photo Shows Dog At Hospital To Say Goodbye To Dying Master

What is man? What is beast? And what magic is wrought when those two worlds intersect? In the touching photo that is winning hearts and LANs the world over, we see exactly that.

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Mike Petrosino has been battling cancer since he was 13 years old. His faithful companion has been by his side throughout that battle. Rusty, the family dog, has given his support unwaveringly. But with Mike’s condition worsening, it was time for Mike and Rusty to say their goodbyes. Petrosino’s brother snapped it and his friend Evan Smith posted the now-viral photo to Reddit. Perfectly capturing the ennui and hollow beauty of a heartbreaking moment, echoing with finality, the Petrosino family has seen their crowdfunding donations skyrocket.

Initially set up to cover the costs of shuttling Mike to and from medical appointments, the Gofundme site has seen a massive influx of dollars as strangers around the globe share their heartbreak with the family.

More heartbreaking still, the family is now preparing to shift from medical costs to funeral costs.

The photo shows the innocence of man’s best friend happy to see his buddy one. last. time.

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