Rob J. Nixon: On Nicko’s Kitchen & the Weirdest Thing He’s Ever Eaten [YOUTUBE FOOD CHANNEL TASTEMAKERS INTERVIEW]

The last installment of our series profiling some of Tastemade network’s biggest tastemakers covers last-but-definitely-not-least Rob J. Nixon of his Nicko’s Kitchen channel.

Rob is NMR’s third-ever crack at covering an Australia-based food channel creator, and only my second-ever Australia-based food channel creator to not be totally offended by my write-up of him — if I’m counting my chickens before they’re hatched. However, I’m confident in doing so because I have no problem saying that Rob’s cooking channel is one of the best cooking channels on YouTube. So now that I’ve got that out of the way, on to ragging on his “mum” or whatever Aussies call moms in dingo land …

“Nicko’s Kitchen” is one of the better-produced cooking shows on YouTube: simple, pleasant camerawork, straightforward formatting, and it’s even got its own cheese-y (ha!) theme song. For kitchen clutzes like myself, Rob’s clear step-by-step instructions make cooking his dishes as easy as pie (double ha!). Lastly, wear a bib, because the sight of his food in HD quality causes drooling.

Rob uploads three videos a week to his Nicko’s Kitchen channel, with Mondays being devoted to budget-friendly meals, Wednesdays for recipe requests and Fridays for “fast food clones.” Along with his Nicko’s Kitchen channel and show, Nicko also has Nicko’s Blog, Nicko’s Baby Food, Nicko’s Bakery and Nicko’s Aviation as part of his Nicko Network of channels.

Peep my interview with Rob below to learn more about his channel and to find out what American foods Australians think is gross (really? USA, USA, USA!).

What makes your cooking channel different than all the other YouTube cooking channels?

Rob J. Nixon: It has my own personality, and that shines through the food. Its fun, not pretentious or over the top, and it’s not threatening to the home cook. Anyone can do my recipes. 

The world is about to end: What last meal do you cook for yourself?

 I make my beef and beer pie, put the TV on, grab an ice cold beer and eat away. Ultimate comfort food. 

If you weren’t doing a food-related show, what other topic would you do a YouTube show on?

I would (and am) cover aviation. I love flying and everything to do with the airline industry.

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