Tell Santa: Westjet Air Reaches 10 Million Views With the Nicest Video Of The Year [VIDEO]

I love viral advertising that makes the world a better, more magical place

Low-fare Canadian airline Westjet has earned a fan for life in me. I don’t go to Canada often, but when I do, I will forever fly WestJet. That’s the sort of brand loyalty that can be evoked by doing something nice for other people. I could find out that they power their planes with the blood of orphans and it wouldn’t matter because this video has so completely touched my heart. It’s nice to see a company go viral for the right reason — a random act of human kindness — instead of doing some boneheaded, self-involved attempt at hipsterism. Videos like that fail and get mocked; videos where you treat customers like they really matter earn you worldwide acclaim. I was wondering if the year would have one more viral video surprise, and I am delighted to learn the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Here are more wonderful, heart-touching videos — “Carly videos,” I call ‘em:

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