The Biggest News Reporter Fails on YouTube From 2013 — All In One Handy Video

YouTube is quickly becoming the most valuable tool in eternally preserving news reporter fuckups. Can you imagine that pre-2006, we simply didn’t have an effective method of containing all the embarrassment in one delightful place? Like the smallpox vaccine or German piss videos, it’s almost impossible to imagine how we lived without YouTube. Now if we could just find a way for YouTube to feed us, we would never have to leave it.

Special thanks to reader Anthony for turning us on to this fantastic (and fantastically long) video compendium of the year in terrible news reporting.

Here are more news reporters doing bad bad things:

Reporter Asks Guy To Get Down [*cough, Biblically] On Live Television [VIDEO]

News Station Reports Racist Prank Names For Asiana Crash Pilots On Air [VIDEO]

Anchorwoman Almost Dies After Hearing Reporter Drop Rare ‘Double F Bombs’ on Live TV [VIDEO]

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