5 of the Best Christmas Prank Videos on YouTube To Put Under Your Tree

The presents have been opened, the mistletoe has been abused and the stockings have been torn down from the mantle to dig through them for delicious candy and iTunes gift cards. What could possibly be left of Christmas? How about some of the year’s best pranks by some of YouTube’s best prankers? For your holiday merriment and mirth, here are five good YouTube Christmas prank videos for 2013.

Merry Christmas everyone, from NMR!

5. Scary Snowman

Now a long-standing YouTube holiday classic — just like bootleg copies of “Elf.”

4. Bad Santa Hands Out Worse Gifts

3. SteveGreeneComedy Trolls Kids, Christmas-style

There are few things finer than filming kids hating Christmas — or receiving badf presents. By this lists’ estimation, there are only two things finer.

2. Jack Vale & Mediocre Films

The consummate prankster teams up with Mediocre Films to send store employees hunting for non-existent Christmas novelties.

1. Fake Girlfriend For Christmas

Ahh, taking a page from the Manti Te’o playbook, this JinkiesTV host tricks women into posing as his girlfriend for the holidays.

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