The Young Turks To Hold 24-Hour Live Stream As Thanks For Successful Indiegogo Campaign

To celebrate the success of their recent Indiegogo campaign (despite what some people felt about it), The Young Turks are holding a 24-hour livestream event from Dec. 5 to Dec. 6 as a sort of thank you to all the folks who contributed money to The Young Turks’ cause. And even though I didn’t contribute jack shit, you’d better believe my freeloading ass is still tuning in.

TYT’s spokesperson, Katherina Jawaharlal, informs us that “Every single TYT host and contributor will participate — this means donor shout outs, personal stories, drinking games, trivia contests, mixology contests and more. Fans will interact directly with TYT hosts through social media, Google Hangouts and by calling in. You’ll see TYT in their new digs (still very bare!) and get a behind-the-scenes look at life at TYT.” She probably didn’t want to be quoted, but NMR does a lot of nice things for the Young Turks and I am lazy, so that just happened.

The Young Turks made their Indiegogo goal with a week to spare and what they found exceptionally exciting was that they received donations from all over the world including 49 of the 50 states (try and guess which state was the cheapskate state — my guess is those asshats in Montana). Total donations so far have exceeded $285,000 — including three $5,000 donations for naming rights to the Young Turks’ three studio cameras. I guess my dream of naming one of them “Dr. Jeff’s Sexy Bedroom Cam” will be a dream deferred a little longer.


In addition to all the fun of the live stream, don’t think that The Young Turks aren’t still out for a few more shekels (double negatives aside). They’ve pushed their Indiegogo goal out to $350,000. So if you’re like me, maybe now is the time to throw in some cash … considering that the extra $65,000 determines whether the new Young Turks’ headquarters gets a wet bar or not. No, I’m sure they’ve earmarked that stretch goal money for something noble … like a “Truth Crusader” minivan that they can use to bring pop news and culture to people without the internet.

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